Left limp?

Just curious-have you guys gotten over your limp yet?? Mine is still there & though it’s a little better, it’s still obvious. I’ve been exercising a lot, but still no go. Do you do anything to help it?? Besides squats etc.??

Hey mdiam, I bet it gets frustrating, I’m sorry you’re unable to “work” your limp away. You’re in my prayers. It seems you have come SO FAR since your bleed and surgery, you are truly an inspiration :slight_smile:

I had my avm removed in 2007 and I still have a limp too, its annoying because it stops me being able to do a lot of things I want to do


Yeah thanks! I think I might try running a little bit, though it’s more of a gallop since my left leg is really slow…

I think exercising is the best way to work on this.
Quick question... Is it better when your well rested and worst when your tired?

I guess it’s worse when I’ve been walking a while. Much worse when it’s cold, which I think is because it freezes my muscles up.