Left frontal lobe bleed

My boyfriend age 53 just had a bleed a week ago Dec 2013. followed by embolization and immediate craniotomy to remove the AVM. He now cannot move on the right side and has only said a couple of words with difficulty. He failed the swallow test so they have not removed the feeding tube. He was a very healthy man before all this, was always working out at the gym. I have read a few of the survivor stories on this site and hope that eventually I can post his recovery as one of the successes.

I am so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I do want to say that its only been a very short time, and brain surgery is a long recovery!! It is always amazing when someone survive a bleed like that. Keep hope and know that we are here to listen and to answer any questions. I could not move at all from the neck down after my surgery... I went to inpatient rehab, re learned how to walk again, and now 9 months later, I can say I am physically as normal as we can get. Stay positive.

Thank so much for your reply and positive suggestions. It really helps a lot. Today he was able to swallow some soft food so they can take out the feeding tube, he said the words " I’m done". When I asked him if he wanted more ice cream. It was a good day.


i was healthy before my rupture as well. he's in for a bumpy ride but his overall health should see him through. lots of strength and patience for you as you help him through the most difficult times. in my case, i remember everything so keep all comments within ears reach, positive. good luck...

Thank you for your reply. He can understand everything that we say. I can only imagine what he is thinking. It has to be tough being trapped inside his own head. Yesterday he was able to eat some purée food and was able to say " I’m done". When I asked him if he wanted more. It was a good day.


your response brought all the emotion out again. i couldn't talk for 4 weeks. he's way ahead of the game compared to me. :) It's tough being trapped in your own mind! now, i can tell my family things that i experienced that were funny. most of the stories were from my rehab or therapists... i come from a long line of jokesters and my avm didn't affect that. i pray that you will have similar stories as well. you can laugh, or you can cry. initially i did both but now, i mostly laugh. i will answer any question you have. my avm was right frontal lobe as well. i was paralyzed from my entire right side, my speech was gone and now: if you see me out on the street, you can't tell i suffered a stroke. i still suffer from word finding problems but i can talk. "they" may not like what i say but i can definitely talk! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your story. My boyfriend has a great sense of humor also and I’m sure he is storing up ammunition for when he can speak again. We have been joking with him telling him that we are going to put a gold star on his head for every improvement he makes. He just rolls his eyes at us. He is a Marine and I always said I want to be in his fox hole when times get tough. If there was anytime to fight a good fight it is now.

Goldi - that is great news about the feeding tube. See what a difference a day makes? I hope to hear about many more successful days for your boyfriend. Hugs!!!

Thanks so much. He actually ate some more today and feeding tube is out. Didn’t like the puréed food but ate it anyway until he said " I can’t". It was another good day. I also got a reply from another member of this group that said that post surgery should be the benchmark to go by and any improvement after that is progress. So I am comparing this week to last week and we are moving forward.


I’m sorry for the pain your boyfriend is going through, my rupture has left me with blindness and memory loss (Short Term) this morning for example my daughters wanted cereal for breakfast & I boiled eggs, it’s a mistake, but as is life I am blessed to be in there life at all. Depression, evaluation of lives, it’s a difficult journey, although you will be supporting, please make sure you also take time out and recharge your own battery’s.

a roll of the eyes is a good response! sounds like a winner!

Thanks for your reply. He was able to eat some purée food so feeding tube is out. I can only imagine what is going through his head right now. He was able to say " I’m done" when he didn’t want to eat more of the yucky hospital food.

hope your bf continues to improve!

Praying for his speedy recovery and that he can do many of the things that he used to or wants to do--we know it can be very frustrating.

We hope that you are encouraged by the friends on here and the love and concern that they all genuinely show to everyone! It is powerful to have many people who truly understand.

Please take care and keep us updated on hi progress. Stay strong and please tell him that we are thinking of him and hoping for the best--

Dave and Laura La Ravia

Thank you Dave and Laura for your concern and support. Post surgery he has spoken single words with difficulty. Still no movement on the right side. I know he is gonna fight a good fight to get back some of what he lost.

He is now in a stroke rehabilitation facility. I told him this is his gym now and to work out hard.