Left forearm - embolization ?'s

Hi everyone,
I’m new here. I’m on the toronto area and have an appointment with Dr. Simons at Toronto Western Hospital for my left forearm. I don’t know know much about the size other then it’s big.

For those who have had the embolization procedure what is the recovery?
Is there a hospital stay? I know one american hospital had their staying overnight but not sure if it would be the same around here or if it’s outpatient.

Is it likely I’ll need more then one embolization?
Anyone have anything done by Dr. Simons?

So glad I found this site! There is very little info out there and what there is focused around brain avm’s.


Also I’m on my phone so excuse my typos :slight_smile:

Colleen - Make sure you join our Canadian group on here and you may even find others who have had your same doctor. The link for the Canada group is below.


Hope this helps you:).

Perfect! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Colleen - you may want to copy your discussion into that Canadian group, which may make more people see your post. Once again, welcome to our community!

We have had very good reports here about Dr. Simons. Yes, it is likely you will need multiple embolizations. You may wish to friend this long-time patient of Dr. Simons: http://www.avmsurvivors.org/profile/Bighead

I’ve had four embolizations done by Dr. Rosen in nyc in my left forearm/hand, as for my hand I was typing lightly within a week with steady discomfort (you get used to it quick) if it’s just your forearm you will probably feel discomfort if you’re contacting your fingers but that’s all I felt, you may need a few depending on the size/type of avm, hope this helps let us know how it goes, best of luck

Thanks Zef!
That’s helpful. As a mom I need to mentally and physically prepare for each procedure.
I’ll update after I see the doc in a week or two.