Left arm, please be nice

Ever since I got my third Botox injections on 7/27, I’ve been going to Occupational Therapy twice a day, once at my regular time, and then other in the afternoon. I have to get my effing left arm to stop being so stubborn and to start cooperating with me. It just never ves the way I want it to.

The Botoxing itself was fine though… at least it made my arm and leg on the left side less spastic.

I’m also using the wheelchair less and walking more.

Baby steps will eventually get me to the top of the mountain (I hope.)

you will get to the top of that mountain…it just takes time…i share in the frustrations with your arm…mine is the same i am waiting for my third botox injection at the moment…try and be patient it takes time it has been 17 months for me know but it has slowly improved over that time…i had no movement to begin i can now move my fingers…but then the spacticity takes over very frustrating i know…but stay positive you will get there…each day i spend 5 mins with my eyes closed just visualising my arm and hand fully functional again…and i know deep in my heart it will return…try it i believe where you go in your mind …you will go in your body the mind is very powerful…hang in there it will happen xxx

Have either of you seen that “box with the mirror” to give rehad to an arm that won’t “co-operate”? I watched a video of it on You tube. It kind of made sense but who knows. Here, I found the link: http://www.mirrorboxtherapy.com/