Leaving for a while

Hello all my AVM survivors!

I just wanted to write & let you all know I am taking a break from this sight for a while...it is causing me great anxiety due to the fact I have not yet had my AVM treated. I had talked to my doctor last week & she said she agreed that until I figure out what I'm going to do to take a break for a while to sort things out. I have a lot of people tell me this is a ticking time bomb in my head & it will eventually bleed, however, I was told not all AVM's bleed & it's hard for me to hear this from people who are not all educated on AVM's & just because their AVM bled, does not mean mine will.

I am trying to stay positive through this whole ordeal & there are days that my over-worrying is killing me. I feel if I can get my life on track & go back to living normal my anxiety level will go down. I will keep you all posted periodically, as this is my year to figure this thing out if I am going to go through surgery to try to get this removed or decide to live with it & pray it never bleeds.

I wish you all the best of luck & pray for each & everyone of you every day who survived, who is dealing with a bleed, who is starting treatment, or who is struggling on deciding to live with it. I just can't imagine going through surgeries upon surgeries when this has not caused me any problems & think I would rather just deal with it if I every have a bleed. I hope to bring awareness of AVM's to people & to stop feeling like I should be afraid to tell people about it. I generally don't like to bring attention to myself so I think that's why a lot of my friends and family don't know about it.

Thank you all for being here for me when I needed to vent or have someone who understands. I hope to be back later this year with an update-Love you all & take care!!!


Marcy...I totally understand your feelings...please know that we will always be here for you...Stay Strong!

I understand, Marcy. It's been that way for me for the several months. I needed some time not to think about it,even if my body wouldn't let me forget about it! LOL

Best wishes and we will be here for you if you want to chat.

I know exactly how you feel. Mine hasn’t bled either and I originally decided on GKS but am now more time to think about it coz at the moment I am fine. I am going back to work and have decided to enjoy more time with my family without worrying too much about it. Also havent been going on this and other sites too often as this is something I need to figure out with myself and my family. I wish you well and hope you can have the normality that I am seeking! I’m sure we wil!! Xxx

take care MarcyLynn ... over here we don't take heed of the 'doom n gloom'merchants - i guess its our attitude that you need to live your life, as you intended too. You are an incredible young lady

Hi MarcyLynn. Taking a break sounds like a good idea. Stress is never very healthy. We will be here if you need us. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

Marcylynn....Enjoy ur life one day at a time! Alot of what we read here is "doom and gloom" and frankly, incorrect information.:( I also don't believe the ticking time bomb theory, and went 20+ years with NO problems after my diagnosis. Still no rupture and living a healthy life. Check back occasionally to say 'hello'. Wishing u the best! -GK