AVM Survivors Network

Learning to Walk Again


Since graduating from college last May (which is an accomplishment in itself), my life kind of paused for a long while. I underwent tendon release surgery for my left foot/heel last December 17th...it was the first surgical operation I had to straighten out the physical problems caused by my injury. Surgery went well, and the worst part was staying home for a little less than four months, and not being able to walk or even lightly exert pressure on my left foot.

Months of presurgical appointments and post-surgical care definitely tested my patience. Those also took away months of my life I could have spent doing what I love (or job hunting). Still, I started walking with my "new" foot. There's still much work to be done in the physical sense, but I'm feeling pretty hopeful about all this.


Jill, I’m glad you’re now walking on it! You’re a tough AVM survivor, and I’m proud you are one of us. Upward and onward! :slight_smile: