Learning to give in!

Have you read the “Spoon Theory” if not , do a search online, this is me now… I can not do what I use too but I am learning to give in and learning to say no so that I don’t pay for weeks. Also have learned when I feel good or have a good day I enjoy it and don’t care how tired I may feel the next day becuz I’m feeling good and this is such a rare moment I have to live for that moment if you understand what I am saying. Have a Happy WEEKEND ALL!

Morning Heidi,
Yes, I too LOVE “the Spoon Theory” & this short vid (re: lupus) applies to ‘us’ as well!
Hope you’re having a good weekend too my friend! :slight_smile:

Love all the positive energy Heidi and so very true! Hope you had one Happy weekend!!!


Amen to that!!!
THank you my friend!!!

Hey Heidi…love the spoon theory. I also have Lupus and Fibromyalgia, so I have many spoon days. :slight_smile: I hope you are doing great, and having a good weekend!

Your friend,