Lawyer in Houston?

Does anyone know a lawyer in Houston (hopefully not too expesnive) that can help us get my brother nursing home mediciad. The last lawyer did not come through for us…and this process has been so frustrating. we thought everything was fine and that the nursing home would help my mom set that up but yesterday we found out it never happened. Everyone keeps telling my mom that the process is complicated and that it would be best to get a lawyer to help us…easier said than done. Would really appreciate any help/Recomendations!


My story is a little different but I'd like to suggest seeking the help of your congressman or senator. I've had problems with my SS Disability and am getting help on getting it approved thru my congressman. They don't charge and I have no idea about the process for approval for services for a nursing home facility but it's worth a shot. You'll be in my prayers.

Thank you for the suggestion Jessica. It seems with all the battles we have gone through this might end up having to do this. thanks again and God Bless you.