Last day at the 2nd hospital

Today was finally the last day at the pulmonary rehab hospital. We will be leaving first thing in the morning, by ambulance, to our new home a couple hours away.
Im excited for the rehabilitation process to begin.

Today a nurse from ICU came to visit me. I had told her about our move and her response was, "he is a miracle". I think what it made me realize more than anything is that he made it through the really bad stuff. The life-threatening moments are over. What we have ahead of us is just a whole lot of work. We are good at work, we are good at reaching our goals.

Today I spoke to his original Neurosurgeon PA. I wanted to clarify the facts in my head about the AVM. Where it was, what is caused. It was small, but its location, in the cerbellum near the brain stem is what has caused the function deficits. It also caused some stroke on the left side. I explained to him that he has more function on his right side. And the PA tried to correct me. But there was no correcting. He has so much more dexterity on his right even though he is stronger on his left. Also, the spots where the stroke were should really affect communication and vision. But Scott articulates very well when he speaks. He comes up with complex questions and answers. He also follows people around the room. And he asks for his glasses. Im sure there could be deficits, but the PA was pretty impressed with what I was telling him.

Today I had the Case Manager tell me "she assumes" that what I was asking her will happen at the new hospital. I explained to her that ASS-U-ME makes an ass out of HER, not me. (that made my mother-in-law laugh)

Today I walked into the room and Scott knew it was me. I told him I missed him, he asked for a kiss, we had a soft conversation and then with his hand on my lap I laid down to give him a hug.... And he wrapped his RIGHT arm around me and hugged me back. I remember one thing that kept running through my head on April 24th was that I might never have a Scott hug again.

Today I got one.

Wish us luck on our journey tomorrow. There are suppose to be a lot of storms in our area. Sometimes thunderstorms are the most healing though.

Its going to be a fantastic day.

Hi Danijo, I gain so much from reading your blogs. Oh, my 2 AVMs were also in my cerebellum so Scott and I have that in common ... lol. Yes, I will keep you in my prayers as you start this next phase. As always, yay for Scott and an even bigger yay for you!