Last Appontment!

On monday,i had an appointment at the queen elizabeth hospital in birmingham. after getting there at 7;30am, i didnt have to wait long untill i was called down for my sclerotherapy surgery. after inserting the needles into the points where they needed to inject the foam stuff into my leg, they saw on the xray/scan thingy, that it was now attached to the main vein in my leg, so if they had decided to inject the foam into my leg it would have traveled to different parts of my body, even my heart, which could have resulted in me dying. so they decided not to go ahead with the procedure. i will have an appointment in a couple of months to discuss further options. its just left me wondering, what these options are as when they first went over the options with me, it was either the foam treatment which i went for or surgery to cut it out. but i was told then that the surgery was too risky !!! so if they are going to suggest surgery, wouldnt it still have the same risks if not more as its now attached itself to a main vein?? its just really pissed me off !!! :frowning:

Hello Jay, I’m sorry that you are having a rough time. I’m afraid I can’t help you with this as I am a “brainer” but I certainly wish you all the best to get this sorted. Thoughts and prayers for you, Lesley.