Lamotrigine and Pregnancy


I'm currently trying for a baby, I have a small left temporal lobe AVM and received Stereotactic surgery to reduce, my AVM has now shrunk greatly.

My meds are 200mg of Lamotrigine split into 100mg twice daily.

does anybody know of any defects / problems caused by taking this medication at this dose, and possible problems for me having a pregnancy.

Many Thanks


Hi Helen. You may wish to join this group…
I did a search for you…
See if there is anything there that will help.
I assume that you have spoken with your doctor about the idea of having a baby. You might also want to talk with a pharmacist.

Here are some articles on lamotrigine and pregnancy:

Thank you so much for your help xx

Hiya, I'm going to read these right now... thank you for you help xx got great information from our team. Please talk to your doctor as well! Please keep us informed on your progress...I can't wait until you tell us you are pregnant!

I echo everyone else & strongly encourage you to consult with your drs.
Possibly there will be another A/C with fewer risks???
Best wishes.