Lamical xr ,clonazepam , dilantin

Please please ineed your insight i have taken dilantin
For three years n never had problems until recently
I had a couple
of seizures but i think it was my fault not sleeping
Drinking and missing my neuro put me
On lamictal xr this past month it has been hell the
Symtoms are awful my hand starts to shake my
Toes are always tingling and vertigo really bad.
I’m pissed at my neuro because she didn’t
Even tell me it was a bi-polar and antidepressant
.so does that make it hard to ween of of those
Kinds of meds. I understand the dilantin has its toll
On your bones n teeth. But i can take vitamin d
And take care of myself n teeth better.
N I pray in july have my angio gram n than discuss embo
Please any advice should i go back to dilantin n do
What im suppost to n i already vowed to never take
Another drink again imnot an alchoholic or anything
But i should of known better! HELP any knowledge please.

Hi Rheana,

Anti-S medications react differently in everyone, so there's not "one" best anti-S medication. Drs have determined what types of meds work 'best' for different types of seizures, but in my opinion, the selection of which med to use is mostly trial and error.

Becuz of the way they work, you have to ramp up/ramp down taking these things. And while you are on multiple ones, you can get more and different side effects than either one alone. Sometimes, a combination of them are best for controlling seizures. Our son is on Keppra and Lamictal, for instance.

Early on, our Drs told us to follow these rules to help minimize the risk of seizures:

1. Avoid drinking alcohol, which we understood that a drink or two a few times a week was ok; Getting blasted weekly or monthly would put her at higher risk of seizures.

2. Eat regularly and get plenty of sleep. Don't become overly tired.

3. Try to minimize your stress/anxiety.

4. Take your meds as prescribed.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS