Lacey Update

May 20, 2010

Hello Everyone, I am so Grateful, Lacey had her staples removed yesterday and continues to recover amazingly well, Dr Trbrizi spoke with her about seizures and anti seizure med’s yesterday, I will pray for another miracle, That if it is Gods will Lacey would be seizure free and not have to take the seizure med’s, My God is in the miracle business and has answered our prayer for miracles before will you join me in this prayer for another miracle.

Lacey and I were both aware of this possibility Thanks to the post by our Friend Andreas from Santiago Chili (AVMSURVIORS.ORG) who shared his story with us he was doing just fine 3 months into recovery when he had his first seizure, It is because of his post that we new of the possibility of seizures, This site is so wonderful and full of information I would not get elsewhere.

Hello Soniya (AVMSURVIVORS.ORG)Thank you for your story, it is success stories like Lacey’s and your sons that give us hope.

Everyone Have A Great Day, You are all in my prayers