Lacey Surgery Postponed

Hello Everyone

the surgery has been postponed until Monday, or maybe another date

The hospital called about 1PM and left a message on Lacey’s phone message service.

She finally was able to get a hold of the hospital and was told that emergency surgeries came in and her operation had to postponed while they attended to the emergency surgery that had arrived.

If Lacey were the other person(s) needing the emergency surgery, I would want that person to get the surgery they needed before Lacey got her surgery, so we’re ok with it.

Bonnie came down with a bug last night, so the entire family must stay away from Lacey so she does not come down with the bug Bonnie has, will make the weekend even longer, But I know God is in charge, there must be a good reason, we will keep the faith.


Gosh I’m sorry I didn’t see this message first, I hope and pray Lacey’s surgery goes well on onday!

Thank you Ninabeth

Yes you are correct , at first we were so disappointed, but now we are grateful that Lacey was not in that emergency state and we can wait till Monday, Thank you you have a great support to me and everyone else on the site, God Bless

How are you doing ?

Oh gosh. What a roller coaster this is. But you are right that you want the doctor’s undivided attention to be on Lacey when it is her ‘turn’ for surgery. Thinking of you Mario and hope the weekend goe by smoothly.