Lacey Is Home With Her Family

May 1st 3:30PM

Hello Everyone

Lacey is home with her kids and husband, she was released from the hospital early this morning, Thank You God.

Outstanding!!! How is she feeling? Let her know after a little while she will feel a few divots on the head and they are completely normal. I was so freaked out when I felt mine, but was reassured by all of my doctors that it is ok and will only get worse as I age. When is the party?

Hello Jamie

I will make sure to send her this helpful information, The Party is actully tomorrow Sunday, When Lacey was without insurance my friends and Family set up two Fundrasiers, one was April 24th it was a Bar B Que and we raised some money for them to help pay there Hosital bills $30 thousand plus, My high school friends man that I have not seen in 38 years are having a Fundrasising Concert Tomorrow, this will really be excting for me as I will see many high school friends there and we will raisr money for Lacey again, Lacey wants to go but knows it’s not a good idea, she is not a party girl anyways, she loves being a mother, Have A great weekend.

Congratulations!! That is awesome.

:slight_smile: That is great news! God bless

that is great to hear congrats to her for being so strong :slight_smile:

congrats sorry i have not been on for a while so how did it go must tell me everything you must of been sooo nervous but she is good and well thank god,by the way news on me i have health insurance now it start to take affect in June i can go to doctors appointment now and get my meds


Take care,


Congratulations to her and your family!

i havent been on here for a bit …but reading your posts has made my day…i knew deep in my heart laceys surgey would all go well…so happy all the positive energies and prayers paided off…so happy to here she is back with her family…may the rest of her life be filled with love, health , happieness and joy…love and best wishes to you all xoxox