Lacey Is Awake and Talking

Wednesday 12pm

Karen just called me , Lacey is awake, talking , laughing, and she know who everyone is, she farted and began to laugh she thought that was funny.

Thank You God


That,s Awesome!!

I’m so excited for you all, thanks for the update, look forward to more!
Marie & Steve

Oh, Mario, that is wonderful to hear.

I remember how I felt when Nea first spoke (“Where’s my mom?”) and my heart just FILLED with gladness.

I hope Lacey’s recovery continues to go well.

Thanks for posting this good news!

Thank You, Yes my wife cried when she called me I had come home for a break, When I arrived at the hospital I was so grateful it’s been one of the best days of my wife, we had great conversation all day long, she is all there same as before, God is great

Hello Marie and Steve, Thank you so much for your support, it’s been one of the best days of my life, Lacey and I had great conversation all day long.

Congratulations…I’m so happy for you guys…Thank you for the up dated…God bless…

Overwhelmed by happiness! Appreciate the update!

Take care,


Yeah! I was just giddy with happiness when I got to see Lindsey after her surgery, and see that she was OK. So thankful for all of the incredible neurosurgeons out there who can perform these delicate surgeries with incredible accuracy. Will continue to pray for a speedy recovery!

Hello Everyone

Thursday 9:30PM April 29th

I just left the hospital spent most of the day with Lacey, she is improving so fast, today she eat thre meals and when I was leaving she took a few bits from a pizza a friend had brought, the swelling has gone down a lot and both her eyes are wide open again, at 5pm today they took her out of CCU and into a regular room, they made her walk a little around the room and she said that she doesn’t always her well from one ear, she also said if that stays that way I’m ok with that no big deal, I agree, Thank You God , My God is Awesome.

such great news! Im so impressed that she is eating so soon, and already walking a little. it took me a long time to hold down food, so this is a great sign i think!!!

April 30th 7:30PM

Doctor Tabrizi says that Lacey’s recovery is incredible, he has submitted papers to have her released tomorrow Saturday, but the hospital may not approve that yet.

God is in the Miracle business, and many of you prayed for this miracle

Thank You

Terrific news!

Take care,


May 1st 3:30PM

Hello Everyone

Lacey is home now with her kids and husband, she was released from the hospital early this morning. Thank You God.