Lacey Goes To The Emergency Room Again

March 24th
Lacey has been having another problem but she did not tell anyone about it, she figured what’s the use I have no insurance, However now that she has MSI Insurance she went to the doctors and discovered that she also has a Hyper Thryroid condition, the doctor told her that they would not address the AVM until the thyriod condition was under control, she was not to happy to hear that news, When she met with the Neurosurgeon on Tuesday March 25th he told her they would keep a close look at it and if the condition was good there was no reason not to perform the surgery on the AVM.

March 25th
Today Lacey met with her Neurological Surgeon, Dr. Peyman Tabrizi, he works out of Anaheim Medical Center and Hoag Hospital, He is willing to perform Lacey’s surgery within 2 weeks, however everything must get approved first by MSI and that may take longer, Lacey was concerned that she knew nothing about Dr. Tabrizi she was much relieved to discover that he has performed AVM surgery 5 times already this year and has performed her surgery many, many times in his career. He has requested a formal angieagram and that must be approved. The ball is rolling in the right direction and today has been a great day for us, Thank You God, I just keep believing good things will happen, I wish I could say it’s been an easy ride but you guys know the facts, Thank you so much for all your prayers and support you have no idea how much help you have been we are so grateful.

March 29th
We had to take Lacey to the emergency room early Monday morning 12am, she had a bad asthma attack, the Doctor at the emergency room told her the asthma attack was caused by the new Medication for the thyroid condition, they ran some blood test and prescribed her a different medication (propranolol 20 mg) that does the same thing (slows her heart beat), The doctor also told her that there was no guarantee that the new prescription would not cause her to have another asthma attack, he also told her that when she has a asthma attack the coughing sends a spike of blood shooting to the brain and that is not good for the AVM, She is at the doctors again today for the thyroid condition. The good news is that now she has insurance.