Lacey & Family Thanks You

Operation: Lacey

The Victory is Gods, My God is in the Miracle Business and he has answered our prayers for a miracle, Lacey is recovering incredibly well says Neurosurgeon Dr. Peyman Tabrizi, AVM Expert. Western Medical Center Santa Ana, Ca. Lacey is showing no signs of any difficulties due to her surgery. There is a slight muffled hearing in one ear and it comes and goes, The doctors tell us it’s fluid in the ear and will go away in time. Lacey is home with her kids and family.

My God is in the Miracle business and we fail to ask God for all miracles, we fail to ask God for those Big Miracles because we feel they are to big, we fail to ask God for the small miracles because we feel they are to small, We need to ask God for all miracles big or small and all those in between, Says
Marianne Williamson, Author.

God has answered our prayers for Lacey’s miracle, Thank you so much for all your prayers and positive thoughts, for all your gifts, the cards, the flowers, the phone calls, the emails, Facebook messages,The Visitations, Meals and so much more. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

A special Thanks to California Assembly Women Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass and staff members Marco and Kevin, Grace Community Church, The Sober Pack, and it’s congregation, 6amer’s FAC, Monday Night Men’s Stag, Tuesday Night Men’s Stag The FAC and Alanon, AVM Survivors, All of My High School Classmates, Pioneer High School Alumni, Summer Breeze, The Chavez Bros and special guests, Irma Rangel and The Manhattan Lounge, Whittier, Ca, The Fisher’s of Men, Quilt For Healthcare, Hibbleton Art Gallery, Kiwanian’s Of greater Anaheim, Brea Baptist Church and it’s congregation, The Whittier Daily News, Family and Friends, and the many unknown to us.

Your support, prayers and positive thought are so much appreciated, that these words cannot express the gratitude we have for you, Thank you so much, may God Bless you all, You have been so kind and thoughtful.

Mario, Karen, Adrian Ontiveros
Matt, Lacey, Lois & Bonnie Rouse
Dave’s Trophies and Shaky City Blues

“My Life has been blessed by each and everyone of you, To see you all gathered in support is irreplaceable”

Thank you, So Much
Lacey Rouse

How wonderful, it’s the miracles such as these that keep EVERYONE on this site going!

The journey was long the path rugged and steep.The sharp stones cut your feet.Is your heart faint and sad,Your soul weary within, As you toil beneath your burden of care? Does the heavy load you are forced now to lift weigh you down. Is there no one your burden to share. Your journey is over and you are safe now is the time to rejoice and reflect on the miracle that is you.
I hope your recovery continues to amaze your doctors. Get lots of rest and keep us posted!

Aww. That was beautifully said. I hope that Lacey continues to recover and get stronger each day. Thinking of you.

Hello Joy, Thank you for your support throughout our journey, you are so much appreciated, I know you have had your own journey, I hope all is well with your son, how’s the hockey ? I can now also share my experince to others on this wonderful site, Have A great day