KS, OK, North TX, NM, AZ, Los Angeles soon--meet for coffee?

Hi folks.

Planning a road trip/sailing adventure for most of Feb. Our departure dates are still fluid, but thought I'd post our route here and see if any members along the route would like to meet for coffee along the way. We'll be pulling a 30 ft sailboat (hopefully), so it's not like we can pull into any convenience store for a meeting--needs to be a place near our route and have ample truck/trailer parking.

Our routes takes us Wichita, OKC, then I 40 west almost to California, then south to Lake Havasu, AZ for a week of sailing, then drop the boat and head to a friends house near LAX for a week. Return route will be similar.

If on the route, and would like to meet, probably best way is to friend me, I'll friend back, and we can try to coordinate.

Would be interested in meeting a few AVMers this trip.

Ron, KS

I am in Dallas/Ft. Worth if you happen to come this way. I would love to meet for coffee! Heck, in Allen Texas there is a Cabelas that I am sure has a restaurant and ample parking space for a truck pulling a boat!

Hi Lindsay--

Will have to defer that to the next trip. TX and South TX are on the horizon for us.

ron, ks

Hey just checked the map and i've been to that Cabelas! We did a tx vacation about 1999 and stayed at a motel close to that store....

I am in Los Angeles area, in Long Beach, but will definitely meet you wherever it's convenient. The sooner you have a date, maybe I could get a few others as well. I will be gone from Feb 14th-23rd, but otherwise I am definitely in to meet you. Looking forward to it:)

Cool. Sent you a friend request so we can discuss offline.

Have you met up with others near you?

Ron, KS

Dang Ron! I wanna meet you! Being in Central Texas and planning some traveling myself in February, I guess I'll have to be patient for the next trip. Texas and South Texas? Coolness! But Central Texas is the bomb (Austin specifically, north Austin after that). Just saying... ;J

Sounds good.

Fantastic Ron! Hope you have a great trip!

Hi Ron,

We live in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I see that is one of your stops. We would love to meet you if time allows a short visit.


Hi Rochelle,

Yep, LHC for 7-10 days. Sent you a friend request, and can coordinate that way to meet up.

Looking forward to it.
ron, ks

Hello Ron
If you get to San Francisco Bay Area let me know would love to meet

Won't make SFO this trip, but we do make it there every few yrs. Chari's AVM was fixed at Stanford...we love that area.
Ron, ks

Hi Ron
I remember about your wife and you were key in my decision to go with Dr Marks at Stanford.
You are welcome to stay with us as long as you are not allergic to kitties. We also have a big driveway where you can park your vehicle.

Wow Angela, what a nice offer. Will post again if/when we make another west coast trip.

Chari's treatment at Stanford ran from about 1996 - 2000 or so. About 2006, we did a west coast road trip and drove from LA along the coast north, to Seattle. Got really tired of the west coast highway, so we bounced over to I5. We stopped to visit with Mary M in SFO. Great to see her again.
Beautiful area though.

Oh, I am allergic to cats (and everything else it seems), but we could still meet for coffee.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS