Kitty Picture

Here is a picture I just done. I’m way too tired to do the rest. I know it’s off but it’s hard for me to color with one good eye. Ok I went ahead and finished it. Not bad for me.


Alison, That’s really cool. I’ve taken up ceramics and that creative/manual dimension enhances my life a lot. Best wishes, Greg


GregF…thank you. But I do get bored with it. Thinking of trying something new but not sure what. My avm is such a hindrance.

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Have a look into something a little different. I’ve probably mentioned before that I go to art classes. As a consequence of the diverse things that my art teacher has brought to class for us to try out, I did some linocut printing (which I would never have considered doing before) back in February or March.

Consequently, as I’m getting a bit organised for Christmas, I’ve decided to make a two-plate print Christmas card this year. It’s a simple design but more than enough for me to try just now!

It doesn’t matter what you make but variety definitely helps to stay motivated. I hope you like this.



Richard that’s very creative I like that!!!

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Richard that beautiful!
Thank you for sharing!


@Alison love your kitty! I think it’s wonderful to be creative and keep that side of our brains going.

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After my stroke I picked up crocheting to help with my left side dexterity issues.
I mostly make cat and dog toys with USA products and then donate half the proceeds to no kill shelters, rescues and TNR groups.


That is beyond adorable! I have three cats, and one of them is my nurse cat. So special.

You sell those? Do you have a link because I would 100% look at them.

Sharon from ModSupport

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Right now I am on IG @kokocatnipbakery I am on Etsy but due to the increases in fees which turn out to be 30% I am “ vacation “ or strike
I was planning to have my own website up by now. But my favorite uncle was killed in a hit and run last month and was on life support but never woke up and had 3 brain bleeds . He also had brain shearing I think it’s called and nerves severed . So even if he did wake up. The prognosis wasn’t good . He has two sons and I did tell them after they made the decision to take him off life support that it was very painful. He did pass soon after , but never easy to do . He was just a very kind man and super family man . They caught the guy.
The services will be this weekend and I have been involved with the planning.
Here is an example of some Holiday items and I will have some new ones
You can also direct message here and I send you my business email .

Angela 4 thats pretty :heart_eyes:. I like it!! I used to cross stitch but concentrating that hard made me have migraines. I wish I kept my work but we moved around when I was younger and lost a lot of stuff so…but your stuff is pretty!

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@Alison i want to do cross stitch my great grandmothers used to do it and made such beautiful flour towels I think that’s what they were made of it.
I used to knit as well ( learned from a five & dime store book when I was a kid)
You should definitely try your craft again or that other one I think it’s called punching I want to do that one as well.

I’ll get into something but I’m thinking different like young children. I’ll also make good money.