Kinda scared right now :(

i just found out this morming that ive got an aneusym behind my right eye so now i know what has been causing my eye pain for almost a year. i went an got my cta of brain and neck this morning. had an appointment with pain specialist becasuse he was gonna do a nerve block but decided he cant right now because you have an aneusym.

I'm sorry about this news, Deenalyn, though it is good that you have an explanation for your eye pain. If you type "aneurysm" in the search box at the upper right of this page, you will find many others who have the same condition and can offer advice.

Hi, Deenalyn,

I have a cerebral AVM & 2 aneurysms. My AVM was found in April 2011. One of the aneurysms was found when I was having Gamma Knife for the AVM in June 2011. During my craniotomy to clip the 1st anneurysm in July 2011, the 2nd was found & my surgeon was able to clip that one, too.

After knowing about my AVM for 2 months, the aneurysm didn't seem that bad to me, but it is still a scary thing.

Hopefully you can get in to see the neurosurgeon soon & discuss treatment.

Let me know if you have any questions about my aneurysm experience. Also, there is a forum like this one for people with brain aneurysms:


Dear Deenalyn, Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers that they can cure your aneusym. Stay Strong, Deenalyn!