Kinda medical advice needed

Sooooooo as I’ve stared prior my brainstem avm ruptured July of 2011. Afrer causing a nearly fatal stroke and a few years of recovery (running on 3 ) I had a stroke from a futures avm in the brainstem. minus the major deficits (vertigo, memory loss, tremors and facial/b palsy) I suffer from chronic head aches. I also ubdrwent radio tactic surgery a year abd a half ago. After much trial and error w/several medications abd nt desire to stray away from taking over-the-counters three tines a day/ my local neurologist had me get on tramadol. However the surgeon whom performed the cyberknife contacted me and seemed very hesitant of this medical decision. We are scheduling a follow up now with the initial surgeon to get his opibion but is there any insight anyone can give me on what might be the hesitation or what could possibly be going wrong?? If there are holes or details that anyone feels I’ve left out id be happy to try abd inform further. I’m just very concerned and nervous in the reaction of the surgeon snd the possibility of what could be in store–

Thank u for advice and concerns in advanced.


Scott, this former post may be useful to you:

And here is some general information on tramadol:

Perhaps your surgeon was worried about addiction?

Have you seen him yet Scott?

Yes I saw him late this pat week-----unfortunately not to many helpful suggestions other than keep trying to use different herbal remedies abd supplements So afte that and the results of a basic MRI (everything came back normal)- we are kinda in the same boat we started in lol- to no avail

What are you mostly concerned about, new symptoms? Did you seek different opinion with another Doctor/neurosurgeons? Have you talked about surgery?

New medication/ alternative. Unfortunatly yes he’s actually the 4th specialist we have seen and I think he’s been the best. Other drs have been quick with prescribing medications that tend to have various/ wide array of side effecrs and negative responses in general w/ the body/mind on general. The current dr I’m seeing is at least deeply researching medications and natural alternatives before Just “throwing me to the wolves” ; so to speak- like previous practitioner s did with ease; unfortunately

Next apt is in 2 weeks I will keep everyone posted as far as a possible solition/med/alt. are concerned. In the meantime feel free to contribute any input!!! I’m seriously all ears and thank you all!!!