Kidding me, right?

My embolization



on Nov. 23rd.

This is 5th time since the first appointment.

I know it is unpredictable at hospital,

but I am getting tired and frustrated now.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience before?!

Hi Mariko,

I am so sorry that you have all these delays, and I understand why you are tierd and frustrated. Did they give you a reason? Hope this is the absolute last dely you have to go through.

Take care,


You know what, Mariko? I would raise hell- excuse my language. This is SO cruel and ridiculous and just plain rude and I cannot believe this has happened AGAIN. Do you have someone who could call on your behalf and make a complaint? I cannot imagine having to deal with this like you have. The days before my son’s Gamma, I was a basket case. You must be exhausted and it is just not good for you to continuously go thru this kind of stress. It makes me so angry. Make a complaint.
My heart goes out to you.

Debbie and Joy,
Thank you for your thoughtful comments,
The surgery has been rescheduling so many times because my doctor has a special team for me, so one doctor short and the surgery is cancelled.
My mom had to reschedule her flight 3 times and she already has lost over $1,500 for cancellation!
Oh well, I cannot do anything about this (that’s why I am so frustrated)