kevin was and still is pissed!! he was told he could probably not ever come home and they told him that they had been in touch with the ministry of transportation and had his license pulled. i tell him not to give up. this is for now. you can get better on the cane. who knows what kev will do in 6 months? and now he’s off the anti-depressants [ again} who knows?? he just wants to come home. at least we have time on our side. not giving up hope just yet. i lost it for about 2 months, and even if i’m only fooling myself about kevin coming home, that’s just how it has to be or i’m sure i would be in the nut house!!! ttyl ginny

never give up hope Ginny even in this dark time. Happy birthday

ginny always hold on to hope and have faith who knows what another 6 months will bring…stay strong

EVERYONE needs hope, Ginny. That is really all that keeps us all going!!! And Kevin deserves hope for the future too which is why it makes me SO mad when they put limitations on them! I know you need to be realistic but the human body is so amazing! Only God knows what is possible. I really really really hope this works out for both of you.
Keep us posted.