i will ask all the questions i can think of. i hope they will have a home care worker to check on him. we will certainly need a safety net around us. i will obviously take time off work to see what he does if i run to the grocery store by myself ect. i am frightened. this is a huge responsibility. i will try my best to make it work. we first have to get through the home assesment, then a weekend visit to see how i will cope. kevin has been gone 7 months and he’s not the same man. i know that he’s very excited. i 'm going to have a busy month!! if there are questions that some of you would recommed i would appreciate the input. thanks for all your kind wishes. i’ll update as things happen. i am worried about the house because if it’s a no go i have only a month to sort stuff out. on day at a time! i can’t control everything. thanks again guys!!..ginny


Ginny thats good news, and with time you will see some of the old Kevin returning. I hope all goes well re the assesment, my fingers and everything else is crossed for you, take care. x