on the 19 we’ll have a tele conference with the brain institute in ottawa, hopefully they will take him. it’s still his short term memory. he does remember getting married. he’s doing really well with a walker. still has a wheelchair though. improvements are slow. back to work. my building is a mess!! of course there is 3 star surgeon general coming from the states, so i’m playing catch up. didn’t see kev yesterday…to tierd. the floors are so bad now they are re-waxing them. it never pays to leave your building you always come back to a disaster. i see a social worker today, maybe they have words of wisdom?? next week i’ll do the rrsp thing for taxes. i already have 3 appointments after work…ahhhhhhh!! there aren’t enough hours in the day!..ttyl…ginny

Hi Ginny, hope all goes well, you’ve had more important things to deal with than the house. We have a saying here 'A hoose is a hoose is a mickey moose’
Have no idea what that means but we say it anyway, take care of business and update when you can. x

hay ginny,
glad to hear improvements are happening, yes it will be a long process…but as everyone always says to me it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there…the main thing is that you make it there…congratulations on your wedding…may your lives together be full of love and happieness…hang in there your doing a great job…give kevin a big cuddle from me xxxxx

Hang in there, Ginny!