sorry joy i’m not sure how to email private. the disabilty pension is in the works. i’ll look at the care giver one. saw kevin doing physio. on sat. he stood up on his own!! he walked all the way down the hallway with a walker!! just brilliant. i’m not listening to the hosp. anymore. he did buttons snaps and zippers. those are all hard things to do, and with his right hand. i’ve never sugar coated anything with kevin. he’s fighting. i don’t even think he will have to go to ottawa after what i saw. the guy said there are timers for ovens ect. for his short term deficits. there are allkinds of things that you can set up in the home. our pipes froze yesterday, i had no water. called a guy he knows kev. he came right over. called kev to find out were the shut off for the water was outside. he remembered. i called him 3 times. when i got to the hosp. i asked him how many times i called he said three or four. he remembered the guy who fixed the pipes. the guy didn’t even want to charge me. had to make him take 100 bucks. he hugged me, had tears in his eyes. so nice. this is such an emotional roller coaster. guess the hosp. doesn’t want to get your hopes up. kevin is coming home with me. he wants out of there. just in the last 2 weeks he’s made huge progress. we are going to win this battle. just hearing everyones stories here,gives me that hope. my thinking is now in a different place. kev’s brain is not on a hosp. schedual. for them this was that 3 month window where you are supposed to see the most improvement. they figure 2 more months in rehab, maybe ottawa. but i’m taking him home after the 2 months. he will do better at home i think. the physio guy said they will teach me stuff. they were worried cause i’m 100 pounds and can’t manouver him. but from what i saw he needs minimal assitance. i am the one that needs training. told him it’s me and you baby. we can do this. and we will. life without kev is not an option. thanks guys. i’m so glad i found this website. you are all an insperation. you should be commended! i’m re-training my brain, just like kevin is…ginny

Thats great news Jinny, i’ll be praying for you both, stay strong ((((HUG)))) both of you x

Okay Ginny! Sounds like you are ready for this journey! I’m so proud of your attitude and it sounds like a great plan. You are so right in saying that YOU have to learn stuff too. The two months in rehad will be extremely valuable in what he will learn and to give you time to prepare and get all your assistance set up. I’m glad you have started the process.
I think it would also be a great idea to read that “Stroke of Insight” book that Ben recommended. Kevin sounds like he has the same challenges that she did and it would help you both to read her suggestions and perspective. I know you are probably busy and tired but it might help you too. And do contact the brain injury support association in your area even if it’s far away. We’re on your team so just keep up the fight! You go girl!

Hello Ginny. You and Kevin shall be a formidable team. With patience and no little practice you shall accomplish the moving of mountains. So very pleased for both of you to be on this road together. No matter where the road leads, the time and means by which you get “there”-every time-will be a celebration. I understand it is easy for me to say, and I do understand the work is “hard” on every level. It is just that, you fill my heart with hope and love and the promise of all the tomorrows you shall share. You don’t need me to tell you that you are a good woman Ginny, nor that Kevin is a good man. But may I say that I do so admire you-both of you. Find everyone and anyone who can add help and support on every level and use your strength, courage, tenacity and love to make your miracles. You are miracles of love you know…May you all have the best Chritmas and New Year. Cheers to you, Kevin and the possibilities ahead!!!
You and yours are in my prayers. May God continue to guide, guard and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand.

ginny…i am so happy…i have tears rolling down my face…what fabulous news…and kevin will keep improving…i am so proud of him…be sure to give him a big hug fom me…and of course one for you too…stay positive it will happen

i think i shall also request a second opinion. the doc at rehab is a physiatrist. i want him assesed by a neurologist or neurosurgeon. i’ll call today cause it will probably take a while to get an appointment in ottawa. they were talking about a teleconference in jan. we’ll see what happens. i read your emails to kevin. he knows we are walking out together, and that your stories are insperation. his brother emailed me on sunday. he wrote what ever came of that meeting? think i’ll wait a while…see if he calls. makes you shake your head…ginny

I’m so happy to hear this good news! Oh, and Ginny…I am so proud of you for taking matters in to your own hands and for having faith in Kevin!

i spoke with the charge nurse on monday. she saw kevin walking and couldn’t believe it!! the progress in 2 weeks has been amazing. she said they didn’t have a lot of hope for kevin. but they sure do now. i asked about him seeing the neurosurgeon who did the surgery, to get his opinion on kev’s status. she said absolutely, and got on the phone and now he has an appointment jan 19 in ottawa. the head of rehab is only a physiatrist. i would never accept her opinion without a fight. but it looks like things have changed at the hosp. she said the determination on kevin’s face says it all. i think my dad is worried i’m going to take too much on with kev. i’m sure that’s a normal parental thing. i told him i love that man too much. also said kev would obviously have to be managable at home. there are all kinds of tricks of the trade to make homelife safe for both of us. i think he respects my decision. i looked on chapters about jill’s book, i think i’ll order it. the audio book is like a dollar more expensive, and it would be good for kev to listen to it. thanks again guys!! …ginny

That sounds great and it sounds like Kevin is fighting hard. I hope the neurosurgeon can give you more information and insight.