the rehab doc sees some improvements but there are deficits in his short term memory, which will prevent him from coming home. they are setting up a teleconference with a neuro doc. at a rehab place in ottawa in jan. and he’ll see kev and decide whether he is viable enough to go. but right now they are saying he will need 24 hour care for the rest of his life, and i have some big decisions to make. i said to kev you have to fight for yourself, prove this hosp. wrong. i said i could quit my job and look after him. he said we couldn’t afford that. i said what would i do without him if he has to go to care he said you move on. that just floored me. he obviously has insight, he understands. they’ll give him 2 months in pembroke. we’ll see what kev does. i see a lawyer in jan. hopefully he’ll guide me as to the financial side of things. if he goes to care i’m out on the streets. if i take him home we have to sell this house. kev thinks a bungalow would be nice. i’m so lost. my best friend and lover can’t help me. his 2 brothers couldn’t be bothered to show up for the meeting. thought i would get support from them. i just pray the hosp. is wrong. i don’t want to live without kevin. well here come the tears. i’ll sign off for now. again thanks to all of you. you’ve helped me a great deal…ginny

by the sounds of that blog kevin does know what is going on and he loves you very much…i remember when i first woke from my operation…and couldn’t walk or move…and hardly talk…but i managed to tell my hubby that i love him …and i would understand if he couldn’t cope with me being the way i was now…and gave him the choice to move o…but he stuck by me a big ask of a 27 year old guy…so as much as it hurt when kev said you would move on…it is only because he truly loves you and wants you to have a wonderful happy life…so try not to be hurt by this…you have so much happening at the moment i wish i could be there to help…sorry to hear you don’t have the family support you need…but remember that we are all here for you…i hope kev proves that hospital wrong…i will continue to pray for kev’s recovery…remember it is still early days…all my love alicia xxxx

as hard as it is i have to take one day at a time. everything will fall into place. it is still early. i hope one day we have a miracle story to tell. thank you…ginny

I think that Alicia hit it right on the nailhead. I don’t have any better advice to give you right now, but I sure wish I could give you a big hug, Ginny!

Keep fighting Ginny. Our health care system would be perfectly happy with you taking him home and caring for him but that might not be the best thing for Kevin. It is way too early to tell what he will be capable of. thinking of you.