kev is in rehab. i know it’s going to slow. they told me 6-8 weeks. i think he might be a bit longer. i don’t know were they go after the hosp. some sort of assited living home?? i’m just having another meltdown. kevin called me on nov. 25!! that was the first time!! i’d ask him every day to call me but he always forgot. ginny

Hello Ginny. I am so happy for you that Kevin called!! In my limitedexperience in the states assisted living is for those who do not go “home” because there is no home to go to or there is no one to help these people when they are released from rehab. To my limited experience we take our people home after rehab and help them tend to themselves. There are usually home health care services, visiting nurses and therapists involved with us for a time after release from rehab. As always the goal is to give the afflicted person the help, support, love and comfort required to get them back on their own two feet.
I am so happy for you that Kevin called. A sign of more progress, yes? And what of you Ginny? Are you melting down properly? I believe a good melt-down is necessary when all has gone arye and needs to be sorted. Are you able to connect with friends and family so that you have the help and support you need? It is easy for me to say “Be good to you. Take care of you.”, and most difficult for you to do. I do know that as I know that you must tend to you for your own good as well as Kevins. Are you even remembering to eat and sleep??? As Kevin is working hard at progressing every moment to re-tune his skill set, I hope you are also working to keep yourself well…You and Kevin are in my prayers Ginny. Be good to you. Take care of you…

Ginny, the call is such a good sign! And have that mealt down. We all do, and feel better once it is over. I had one about a week ago…and for me the answer was new shoes!!! Although that isn’t for everyone, go ahead and take the time to let it happen, and then do something “bad” that makes you feel good…like eat an entire box of cookies!
But honestly, having the mealt down really helped because THIS place and these people supported me through my pity pit. Having others to hear you and let you complain or shine…it is priceless and irreplaceable! Take care!

i geuss i’m experiencing a loss. in a way it’s like a death. our lives are changed forever. one of the nurses talked to me yesterday. thinks that memories are flooding back and he’s having a hard time sorting them. it’s hard to hear that he doesn’t remember that we live together. the nurse went and got the speach therapist to talk to me. they will be working hard to get him to initiate a conversation. when i got home from the hosp. there was a message on the machine, it was kevin, he called at 9 saying his c.t scan had been cancelled, where are you?? so he initiated that!! i keep having to remind him that i work, that’s why i wasn’t there. he also asked for a cigarette. told him it’s been 2 months might as well quit. when i leave the hosp. he says i’m coming with you. stuff like that is hard to hear. i’m sure i’ll have some more pity parties. i’m grieving the loss of what we had. hard time eating still. stress too. down to 100 pounds. told kev i might be in a bed next to you soon!! i’m up at 2 or 3 in the morning. i had a thing for this shiny purse, don’t ask me why, i don’t own a purse. i bought it! i don’t know how things work in the states, but here we can take 16 weeks off to take care of a family member, and get paid through unemployment. guess i have to learn to roll with the punches. the bad with the good. thanks again guys! this is a good way to vent. particularily cause it’s an avm. it’s a little different than than all the other brain bleeds, and you guys are dealing with avm issues. it makes a difference!! ttyl…ginny