kevin knows who i am now. he’s saying yes and no, his name. other things as well but the nurses don’t remember what he said. he’ laughing! he still is in and out. no movement in his right arm. was told a while ago that it was a left side bleed. social worker said they’re waiting on the doc. to sign kev. off. just waiting for a bed in pembroke!! 20 mins away! going to the lawyers to sign an afidavit for gaurdianship. kevin has come a long way in the last 2 weeks. i gave him a kiss on the forehead then he put his lips out and we kissed. told him he better not be doing that with any of the nurses!! ha! just want him home i miss him so much. ttyl…ginny

Ginny, EXCELLENT!!! Isn’t the kissing considered brain/body rehab? Be good to you. Take care of you. You and Kevin are in my prayers.

Glad to hear he is improving and it sounds like you are being his rock. Good for you and hang in there!!!