Kevin is walking!

kev came back to pembroke hospital, , although he was mad that it wasn’t home. i went to visit may 22 and there he was walking down the hallway under his own power!! they have since given him a cane. i called ottawa rehab to ask when he started walking and they said that he never walked unassisted there. they think it’s too dangerous. just shows lack of communication between hospitals. quite a shocker for me because they said he would never get out of his chair and walker, and that meant he could never come home cause of the way things are in the house. maybe he won’t have to go to long term care! going to try to get him home for a weekend pass and see how it goes. that cane holds a lot of freedom!! just goes to show that the doctors aren’t always right. this is happening 8 months after the bleed! this is such a rollercoaster ride! up and down. ttyl ginny

miracles do happen…and they will continue i am so happy for both you and kevin i hope his weekend at home goes well

Wonderful news, Ginny! Miracles do happen!