Kevin is home for good!

i brought kevin home wednesday june 3 / 09!!! he’s on a cane! pembroke hosp. wanted to send him to an old folks home till the renovations were done. i said no way!! things are great! ottawa said on may 7 he would always need a wheelchair/walker and that he had to go to long term care. look at him now!! miracles do happen!! he’s been gone 9 months…seems longer! we have to fight for our loved ones, you can’t give up! i had my moments of despair that’s for sure! this site helped me sooo much! joy, connie shalon ect couldn’t have done without you guys. thanks to ben who made this site. it was nice to have a place to vent. avm is a rare thing and everyone here is affected by it. i know it made a difference in my sanity!! i’ll still be here! maybe our srory will give hope to others. our hospital journey is finally over. now we can get on with our lives together. ttyl…ginny

i knew you and kevin were meant to be together…may your lives be filled withjoy , happieness, love, health and lots of smiles…love and best wishes to you both xxxx

I’m so happy for you !!

You said it all, Ginny, because your story WILL help others which is the best thing about this site. I am so happy for you both. Kevin must be so happy to be home again. That feeling of being in your own home, surrounded by your own stuff!!! Priceless. It will help his recovery so much. Sounds like he’s doing amazing and fighting thru this.

Hello Ginny and Kevin !!
My congratulations on getting home Kevin !! Excellent work !!
I hope the days are as good as they can be and continue to be even better . Be good to you . Take care of you . Both of you !

Great news Ginny! You know as much as I think the medical community, doctors, hospitals, etc really do have our best interests at heart…our family and friends really DO have our best or better interest at heart.
These past months as you have been delaing with Kevin’s recovery, the possibility of a rest home, getting your place ready for him. All of that just shows how much you care and how lucky Kevin is to have you there. If it wasn’t for your fight on this…well he probably wouldn’t be home.
I know that your story and hard work will be a great sense of hope for others facing similar cirumstances. You and Kevin will be/and ARE a source of inspiration and you must both be so proud of that. But I’m sure all of your emotions right now are just those of relief and ultimate happiness just to both be in your own home. What better place to finish getting well?!?!?