Kevin is being discharged

pembroke is sending kevin home for good on friday. they won’t even have it be an open discharge that if something goes wrong then he doesn’t loose his bed. may 7 ottawa told me he’s going to an old folks home now this. i called and left a message with the ottawa soc. worker saying that someone is incompetant don’t know which hosp. is. i’m sure it’s both. my bathroom and bedroom floor are going to be ripped out june 19. what am i going to do?? of course i want kevin home but nothing has been set up i.e home care ect. was off 2 weeks sorting out stuff cause they tol me he wasn’t coming home. now i’m off work again cause i have no groceries, need that toilet seat to make it higher, i’m just not prepared for him yet. asked who was going to sign me off on compassionte care and of course they don’t know. i just might have to quit my job for good. but that was one of the reasons he wasn’t coming home because i’m young and need to work. these people talk out of both sides of their face. i think i’m having a melt down!!! i’m going to talk to ccac today. they’re the ones that asses your house, maybe we can slow down this process. kev’s been gone 8 months! this is going to be challenging. it just doesn’t feel right. i think i’ve gone insane!! ttyl ginny

I’m praying for you and Kevins situation. Just remember…take slow deep breaths and be thankful that Kevin gets to actually come home again. :slight_smile: Things will work out one way or another…dont panic. call the social workers and who ever else you can think of about getting help around the house and getting things set up for when he gets home. You can only do so much! this is supposed to be an exciting time for you both. So relax and just be glad he gets the chance to come back to your home. Just pray about it all…God will take care of things for you. :slight_smile:

things are sorted. they realized their mistake. kev will come hom on weekends until the ren’s are done. told them i want to do this right and right now you’re setting us up for failure. they said they even didn’t have time to set up home care ect. it’s only because pembroke screwed up by not having a wheelchair ready that we are even having this conversation. i put a firm foot down. said how can you go from one week he’s going to an old folks home to completely dischargine him?? told them there is incompitency going on here and the doc is an idiot. i did not let them bully me!! the home care lady and the discharge nurse were completly on my side at the end. duh!! they finally read the chart!! i hate hospitals!! told them that they’re lucky my work is understanding cause i’m sure at a different place i would have been fired by now. ttyl p.s thanks brittany! ginny