Kevi is coming home!

i’m in shock!!! the social worker called on friday from ottawa. his discharge date is may 27. i have a meeting with them on the 7. the house will be assesed. he’ll come home for a weekend trial. then he’s out!! she said he’s not bad enough for an old folks home, but what does that mean?? i hope we can pull it off!! for 7 months now i’ve been told he’s never coming home. i can’t believe he’s coming home!!! ginny

im so happy for you,many blessings heading your way!!

Wow!!! That’s exciting! I’m sure you are super excited…also a little nervous! Will he need any assistance at home?
Great news Ginny!!!

Hello Ginny.
My best wishes, thoughts and my prayers go for you and Kevin. Rather exciting and possibly a bit shocking for you. What a blessing for boyh of you ! An event that was unexpected and now directed your way and I hope for both of you that the transition is as smooth as possible.
Please do not forget to inquire about and ask for all of the services available to help Kevin and you make a go of this opportunity. He must be so excited to know he will be with you and perhaps a bit scared himself of all the newness coming. What joy you must feel knowing that the person you love will soon be home ! Breath Ginny, ask questions, get your answers and go one day ( or minute ) at a time.
Please be good to you. Take care of you.

Wow what great news …you two are obviously meant to be together…may your future together bring you much health, joy and happieness…i am sure you guys will pull it off…kevin will still continue to improve once he is at home…love and best wishes to you both xxxx

thanks everyone!! i put up a blog…where i am not sure. i did ask about questions that you guys would recommend. ttyl…ginny