I have been on Keppra for some time now. Was taken off for a little while then placed back on it after seizure then dose increased after another seizure then increased again after another seizure. I am taking 3000 mg a day along with 400 mg of Lamictal. I have been on this dose of 3000 mg for over a month now and dizziness when I turn my head or look down is returning like it did when I first started taking it October 2012. Is that normal? Or could it be related to AVM itself? Just had an MRI last month and said it looked good. Only minimal edema which was expected after radiation treatment. Any answers?

Melissa...I've been on 2000 of Keppra for 7 years. I do remember that I was dizzy for a period of time, but it stopped. I am a freak about taking my Keppra on time in the AM and on time in the PM...As I'd rather take it than have a seizure.

Hang in there!

I took keppra for a while without dizziness but found lamictal a med from hell for me for this type of thing
I took it along with about 500mg. Bd of tegretol but i was always dizzy sick and quite oftencdnt function until half ay thru the day. It was like havin motion sickness all the time. U might need to look at the mix of the two meds together. I was fine once i came off it. Hope that helps.

I did a search for you…
Perhaps the Epilspy-seizure sub group would know something.

Thank you. It is a lot better now than when I posted this question the other day. I wonder if I had something going on with my sinuses? Who knows.