Keppra and Hair loss

Has anyone taken Keppra and experienced hair loss?

I recently increased my dose and I have noticed over the past 6 months my hair is getting thinner and thinner. Any suggestions? Ive heard of taking vitamins with increased Zinc. Some people have suggested taking a Prenatal vitamin.


Your friend who suggested Pre-natal vtiamins are on the right track. Pre natal vitamins usually have a lot of folic acid. The thing is all these anti-epileptic drugs have that effect.cause heyfolic acid reduction (part of how they work. BUT if you are having that effect it could also predispose you to megaloblastic anemia, drug induced gingival enlargement, exfoliative dermatitis, drug induced lupus, etc.

Its a simple and inexpensive fix. Folic acid (get the prescription stuff) Be sure and talk to your doc the other effects are rare but possible.


Hi, BD20:
I am on 1500 mg Keppra XL twice daily. I have definitely noticed hair loss, as seen near the drain after I take my shower. You are not alone. I do take a multi vitamin daily, and have not noticed that this has helped.