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Keppra and Anxiety/Depression Side Effects


I take 200mg of topiramate, and 300mg. Of venlafaxine, and 25mg of Metoprolol tartrate. This help me out some. My depression is bad and my anxiety to. I stay fighting them all the time. A lot of days I can’t do nothing but stay in the bed, with no lights on. One thing that keeps me is knowing the God is good.


I am on Kepra since the AVM was discovered. never had changed the medication. Only reduced the dosis a bit. I had no disconfort taking it. Only if I forget to take one dose then I have to take a doble one next time I remembered. Medication is not a visible problem. The only thing I had noticed is a bit of difficulty on sleeping. Still sleep but not for more that 5 or 6 hours.
Sometimes had small nap after lunch…