Just Wondering

I see alot of you had angiograms done during your follow ups from treatment. The only thing they are doing for me is MRI/MRA’s every six months. It will be two years in January since my last radiation treatment. Just wondering if angiograms are typically done or does it go on a case by case basis. I would rather not have one done if it is not necessary. I had eight done in a three year period (5 being done in 1 1/2 years) and I believe it is one of the reasons I have problems with my legs (which I am taking medication for restless leg syndrome) but I also want a good follow up to make sure everything is going good.

Not sure LeeAnn think it may be case by case
But i hear you on the angiograms, bloody horrible things and then having to ly down for 6 hours, nightmare!

Hi Lee Ann… I’m not a brainer, but I know my doc does Angio’s when he wants to really “see” the progress. For my facial AVM my understanding is that it gives him a better idea than the MRI would. But I couldn’t say for sure.
I did have an issue with my leg once as a side effect of an angio. It was just after and I had no strength in my leg and less control. Couldn’t even lift it to go up the stairs! They did an ultrasound and found out that some swelling was putting pressure on a nerve (or something like that) and causing the issue. It went away soon after and I haven’t had any problems.
Although I also am convinced I have RLS…never put it together with the angios, but you got me thinking…

My surgeon said he would only need to do an angiogram when he is 99% sure the AVM is obliterated. He said the MRI gives him enough information for regular checkups. Your AVM may be different though.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I am totally satisfied with just MRI’s until an angio is truely necessary. I am not sure if the anio’s caused my leg problems but it seems funny it all started after they were done. I can say the medication for RLS I am taking has helped alot. It is more my right leg than left and most times they used my right leg.

I get an angio once a year now until the AVM is gone. Probably will have one a year for the next 2-3 years would be my guess. Would rather not!

I read that after 2 years and then every 6 months till obliteration of the AVM you should have an angiogram. Of course here in the UK you are lucky to get 1 after 3 years! Could have something to do with cost and the overnight stay in hospital
Know what you mean about the 6 hours, it seems like forever.

I’ve only had MRIs too. The doctor that did my proton beam procedure said that it would take 3-4 years to work, if it worked. Then we will do an arteriogram to see if it worked. January 26th will be three years, but I don’t know if they will do it this year.