Just when life should be so exciting!

I've reached the "pinnacle" of my medical education...the day when we all find out where we will complete our training and what sort of doctors we will become. This monumental day, "Match Day", is happening Monday, and it couldn't be the furthest thing from my mind. Right now, circling around in my head are: the 5 cm AVM making its presence felt with new onset tonic-clonic seizures, surviving surgery, and physically being able to practice medicine once this is all over. It is so sad to think of what should be happening on Monday, and the fabulous vacation I should have been having between medical school and residency. Instead, those 2 months off will be spent in an operating room and on a medical ward, trying to deal with the outcome of what will be a very long and complex surgery. At some point, this life challenge will come to an end, and I will have grown from the experience...for now, Monday will be a bitter-sweet day indeed.

Wow, congrats to you on completing medical school. Very exciting indeed. Just think how much this experience will influence the kind of doctor you become. You will certainly have a first hand knowledge of what it’s like to be the patient and you will know how you would like your doctors to communicate with you. I’m sure it is bitter sweet for you, but like you said, you will grow from this experience, Good luck on your upcoming surgery and be sure to let us know how you are.

Congratulations on your accomplishments. You will embark on an experience that will challenge you and provide you the opportunity to become the best you can be. You are strong and determined. I believe that we all have a purpose in this life. If we are still here is to make life better for us and for others. Medical school has openned the window for you to become a great M.D… Maybe you can be an advocate for avm victims. I’ll pray for you. Everything will be fine. Be patient and stay mentally strong. Maria

Congratulations Vera!! what a wonderful accomplish, well done.

Quite amazing really; just imagine what you are going to get from this challenge in front of you. I'm sure that you will be kept safe through your treatment and you will receive so much more than those who haven't been the 'patient' Whatever area you choose to work in, this will give you so much more empathy, understanding, etc, and the list keeps going.

All the very best Vera, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. I look forward to seeing your post after treatment.

Vera, First off congrats on completing medical school! What a great accomplishment!:slight_smile: While our avm’s may limit some more than others, I have tried my hardest to NEVER let my avm define who I am. So what if I had to give up football in middle school? I can’t be a pilot?..no biggie. No military service?..oh well. As far as ur upcoming match day, I know of atleast one orthopedic surgeon that had a very successful practice until he found his avm LATE in his life:) So surgery may be out, but the world needs great anesthesiologists, family practitioners, etc!:slight_smile: Be proud and feel good about ur accomplishments! Ur upcoming surgery will NOT define who u are either! Prayers and thoughts are with u and ur family, stay positive. As someone said before, God has a plan for ALL of us! -GK