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Just wanted to talk

My bf of almost a year is gone now. He wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do, different couples are NOT my thing!! Going thru the stages of a breakup.Bad this time of year.Will anything ever go right for me??

Hello I agree…it is not a thing but it happens. After my AVM my 2nd wife was gone. It is ok let everyone move on and go forward. After 5 years of AVM I am so happy about myself again!! Alison…just do all for yourself and do not care about who others think. Try to get to San Francisco avm walk some year and meet other AVM survivors…we all are the smart ones!

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I think that was all well said Rodney. I’ve had much encouragement from this site
and so many caring friends and family. Well God bless them all! Your right. It’s about me. Thanks :smile:

Umm, if you’'re saying what I think you’re saying, you’ve maintained yourself respect. That’s something you can never recapture that. If I’m wrong, please accept my apologies.

Stay strong and true to yourself Alison! It’s great you have such support from friends and family, that always helps. Trust in people who lead with their heart. Take Care, John.

If you lose someone that does not respect and appreciate you it’s not a loss but a gain.


Listen to your body. The best way to find yourself is to think for yourself.

Accept the faulty impression others have of you.Be the the person you would most admire.

For tdz103m : He wanted to introduce another female and a male into our
relationship.No way! Never! Not for me. He no longer goes to my church anymore either. Yahoo! :grinning:

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My advice that helps me in so many ways is the old saying goes: Try to move FORWARD!

Amen! :grinning:

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So sorry I am quite late by replying, but lately, I have been more busy, & have been slacking on my emails! Shame on ME!!