Just turned 30, 2 1/2 years after a cerrabullum bleed from a AVM

Hi, so I check in every now and then,
I am mostly on Facebook, lol.
I am still having difficulty walking or balancing I should say.
I might be the story for the heart and stroke foundation in Kamloops BC.
I still have harsh head aches and slur when I talk.
I was diagnosed with confusion and feel things are almost getting easier to remember and grasp.
The last brain surgery I had was gamma knife and while it’s working great I think I am loosing my hair again.
That kinda sux.
My emotions and fatigue have improved dramatically.
This is great.
I remember when I could only stay awake for like 20 mins at a time and I used a full time catheter.
Times have changed dramatically.
Has anyone experienced hair loss from gamma knife? And if so how long did it happen for?

Hi Monica,

Glad you are here with us at age 30 and 2 1/2 years after your AVM episode. Glad things are improving. Sorry to hear about the hair loss. I know that others have lost their hair from radiation treatments. Hope yours grows back and that you continue to improve.

Take care,

This is very encouraging to me. I had brain surg. in May2010 for a Cav. Malformation that had to be removed emergently as I could not walk. Now I have this leg weakness that very rarely lets up. Now I have it seems like nerve pain in my legs that's excruciating. AND like you I'm tired a lot. It's nice to see that there may be light at the end of the tunnel.