Just thought I'd say,,,

I went to a discussion group for high functioning avm survivors, ie those with invisible disabilities who aren't suited to a day centre as they appear too 'well.' No limp, no paralysis, no speech problems. No difficulties except for the myriad of subtle cognitive deficits that occur.

Am still thinking it over. I was with a guy who had been suicidal, a guy with serious depression, some-one who was in denial re: their ability to work. Basically, although I have my little struggles and ups and downs, I saw that I am way ahead of them in terms of acceptance and recovery (apart from when I go a bit wobbly.) So am sort of wondering whether to go to the next one?

It has made me realise how well I have survived and coped with this and I also recognised much of what they spoke of. When I was going through it all and the high voltage emotions that such an experience naturally evokes, I was called 'mad' etc etc. However my previous madness, is actually a normal response to an extreme experience.

thanks for letter me ramble.

Best wishes an' all

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