Just talkin

I haven't been on in awhile. I had my first appt since the surgery on march 9. Dr. Surdell said he was very happy with everything.. I still have to take dilantin 3 times a day till atleast june... which will be my next appt. I have been doing great.. I can't be more thankful how everything has turned out.I have been back to work full time since the middle of feb...Even though sometimes I complain about it... I am so happy and thankful to be back... I really do love my job! My hair is still growing back... It now sticks stright up in the back... I just wear a bandana everyday. Everything is pretty much back to the way things were pre-avm... Its just I use a computer at the lab everyday... so when I get home I dont even want to see a computer.. just wanna relax.

The one big thing that has changed is the mail.....Thanks goodness for health ins but geez.. I think they cut down a forrest just for everything they have sent me since all of this.... I couldnt believe the pile of mail I had... why can't they just send 1 statement till me if I owe anything and thats it.... why do I need 5 piece of mail for each doc.... I dont get it!

Amma it is excellent news you share here and I am happy for you !!!
Be good to you . Take care of you .