Just something interesting to me, found out my avm has been there since birth

I always wondered if my davf was caused by certain trauma or if it was from birth etc

Well with my follow up with the neuro, we looked at the brain images and he was showing me where my davf and blood flow/pressure was, my brain had grown around it! Very very clearly it has grown around it

Nothing wrong with my brain, it functions fine but it was interesting to see that my brain on one side had completely different shape and avoided the davf area totally and grew around it as my brain developed from birth in a different shape due to pressure

If I get hold of the images, I’ll post as it’s very obvious (and pretty big difference in shape in that area) and was interesting to me to see that


Look at that, we have that in common - what a win. Lol

That’s what my neuro team told me too. Just how everything grew around it & blood flow was directed indicated to them that it was most likely from birth & everything made due to it being there.

Along with that, I almost died at birth(that my mom forgot to mention to me until this all happened) - I had heavy bleeding from my ear on the left side(that’s where my AVM is) as soon as I was born. It was 1980 Russia(it was a tad chaotic back then), my mom took me & fled the hospital. The bleeding shortly went away - 39 years later, here we are sharing stories.

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Interesting hey!

Funny (and sometimes not) what you find out later in life

Glad you’re here. Now I know why you’re so strong :wink:

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