Just opening up

Hello AVM family I have been gone for a few months now. But will try to come around more… Well I did have five treatments of radiation in July of 2009. I felt really sick the first couple of days. My hair did start to grow back about 3 months later. I’m happy I had the first set out of four more treatments . UCLA was great when I needed them to feel a little stronger to go through it. I had my parents who gave me strength. To be honest it was the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. It scared me and sometimes I would think what if I’m doing this for nothing, what if I get really ill right after. I had so many mix emotions. Now things are just moving on and some other things are becoming harder and harder. I’m as worried as can be right now. I’m hoping for the best out of everything. But to be honest I’m afraid of my future.

I know how it feels. All the anxiety. Hoping it all works out, but not being sure. But…it will work out. I promise you.

Something will come up to help with bills, the pain will subside, the AVM will be gone. Stay strong and lean on us when you don’t feel very strong.

I’ll be praying for a better 2010 for you.

Oh Precious; I can understand your concern. As Ben Munoz told all will be OK. Believe in your future, accept the love from family and friends; they are your life line. Concentrate on the desires in your heart, not the negative. Frear is False Evidence Appearing Real; but it’s only in your imagination. Make your dreams come true instead. What we concentrate on becomes a reality, so for Heaven’s sake think on the universal love we all have; only. It’s only a matter of changing those sad thoughts to happy ones. Love Linda

Linda makes it seem so simple, I guess it is that simple, Smile.