Just had to vent!

I get so frustrated at work sometimes. I felt like most of my co-workers understood what I was feeling. But obviously they don't. Maybe one but definantly not all. I work as a nurse at a blood donation center. I was on the blood mobile last Friday and one of my co-workers said in front of all the donors on the bus, "You need to stop looking like something is wrong." Then said, "People keep asking what is wrong with you. I am serious...." I have to concentrate so hard to make sure I don't make a mistake so I don't hurt a donor or a patient that the blood will go to. I also need my job. Things come to her easy. I have to focus on what I am doing. So I said, "Alright, you're gonna make me have another seizure." Probably should not have done that either because here I am fixing to stick someone with a 16 guage needle and I am saying basically, " I have seizures." My manager was also on the bus. I was like I know I will hear about this back at the center. And I did. Not that day but the following Monday when we were in the center alone. He said, "Don't tell people that you have seizures and you are fixing to stick them. Would you want to know that if you were them?" I just replied that my co-worker had "pissed me off". Which she did. I get over things pretty fast but this is still bothering me. I am not really mad with her, but I wish she would she would have told me in private so that I could ask exactly what she meant. I have good days and bad. I wish that she could see that.

Hey, M - I agree with you on wishing that your coworker had given you that feedback in private. The bloodmobile was not the ideal locale. I remember tough days at work being REALLY tough - especially when that icky feeling follows you around for a while. I'm sorry that happened! Hang in there - atnt

Sounds like harassment to me.

Hi Melissa.....I am able to relate to your situation in a work atmosphere where you need to balance your professional relationship with your co-worker but at the same time ensure your personal medical details are not meant for public conversations or provocative comments.

I too face this same situation in an office atmosphere where I am afraid to express myself because the co-workers mock at you & create a joke out of it. Basically the primary focus on our trauma is lost. A small comment can damage our entire peace of mind.

I would suggest you to politely have a conversation with that person who pissed u off & try to develop a good friendship as though such a friction did not happen. I know its easier said than done. But this one of the effective solutions. This is the cost you are paying to ensure such unpleasant situations dont harm your job. Try to have a conversation in private & make them feel you respect them & explain in a very pleasant & polite manner that you are having some personal problem & you need their support & request them to be kind to you.. They will become friends with you & you will feel very secure & relieved.
Dont sound desperate to them but make it sound as though you intend to be good friends on a personal level. They will open up to you & change themselves.

Good luck.

Bangalore, India.