Just had my follow up angiogram

I’m on my way home now, I’ll just give the summary for now. I had an embolization of a davf in May of this year which I recovered well from. In late July I suffered a concussion, so we did my follow up angiogram 6 months early. The treated fistula is still the same, closed. However, I now have a new fistula in a different place and will need surgery again.

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Difficult to hear about the new fistula I would imagine, but good it is identified incidentally. I hope your concussion recovery is progressing well as they can be difficult for sure. Stay strong and take care, John.

@tacos4life oh no sorry you have a new DAVF but glad they found it.
When they first found mine via MRA I recall my stroke dr saying sometimes we have two .
Good luck with the second one