I have been a silent participant in this community for a couple of months. My asymptomatic AVM was discovered in January. This is my first post. I decided that even if this kind of communication isn't usually "my thing" I needed to start contributing. I have learned a lot from all of you here on the site and maybe our experience could benefit someone, someday. Thank you all for your transparency.

Today was our big day at the Mayo Clinic for Gamma Knife. We had great docs and nurses. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good. The initial part of recovery is much easier than I anticipated. But I guess we should not be surprised because we had so many people praying for us. Prayer is powerful!

How are you feeling?? I had a monstrous headache for a few days after my gamma.

i really hope it works for yoU!

Hi Rebecca,

Glad the Gamma Knife went well. And yes, prayer is a very powerful thing!

Take care,


I just had my gamma knife at mayo on 4/12/10 as well. I pray you are doing well and I agree prayer is powerful. Good luck and please let us know how you are doing. I am having some facial swelling have you had any problems with that?