Just got out of the hospital

my heart is going crazy had to call 911 the other day it was so wierd has anyone had heart probllems if so what an how do u deal with it my heart rate was high really high scared the piss out of me never had that happend that bad brfore now they say i need to see a cardiologist what next im so sad ugh just wanna be ok

I posted earlier today asking if anyone had had the feeling that their heart was beating so hard they could feel it. I had an embolization (1st one) on October 12th. Seems like then everytime I get up to do anything my heart feels like it is gonna come out of my chest. Feels terrible! Hope this is only temporary.

Let them know about the new medication, in case it could be responsible for this change. Panic attacks can cause a rapid heartbeat as well.

I have been dealing with this with my heart for years.First the doctors tell me to go to the neurologist,he runs all test,nothing,then back to the cardiologist,every test done,ekg,echos,stress test,and an TEE,well what I found out,I have a small hole in my heart,that never closed up,plus I have a leaky valve,but nothing was done.Its not bad enough.Both of my parents had heart problems,and my mom passed away from a massive heart attack.So please go get checked,its nothing to mess with.Praying for the best for you.

Get it checked out but I would say to do with aniexty and stress

i havent had any treatment but mine was doing that an i had to call 911

i did let them know everything i was scared no holding back on that

yes i know really scarey too going today to gp so well see

thanx an im going to see gp dr so well see how that goes

How are you doing today Tricia?