Just Fun...no AVM stuff at all!

We decided to head up the road to the snow today and let our doggy play. He seriously loves the snow and we had nothing else better to do. So we packed a picnic and started out up Hwy 50. It only takes about 30 minutes before we hit a little snow, and 1.5 up to our favorite spot at Ice House Reservoir (mind you, in the Summer we camp and go out on the boat or kayak!)

A few minutes up the road, Josh spotted our friends the Burkes in his rear view mirror. They too were headed up to let the kids (2 humans, one K9) play in the snow, so we told them to come with us. So we turned off the hwy and started the climb up the hill. As we went around a turn Josh says “That looks like Chris’ truck” and sure enough our friends the Roths were up already playing in the snow. Seems like everyone living in El Dorado Hills had the same plan for the day.

We all made it up to the lake, and it was a great day! Thought I would share some pictures with all of you. Not everything is about the AVM.

ps- Sherri & Marianne…check out my new pink snow boots!!!

So here is one pic of me and my friend Denise. The rest can be found here… too much work to upload them all!

Yup…blood kin…

ha ha! I knew you would appreciate them! And Denise thinks she has some old snowboard pants that are also pink that she is willing to donate to me…I’m not sure how cute a gigantic pink lady will be. I already thought this outfit was enough pink for one person. :slight_smile:

NEAVER ENOUGH PINK … I’m glad you had so much fun .

Emelda! I’ve told you about that shoe fetish before ;-x

Love your dog. Lab, right?

OH I love those photos! I can’t believe you only live 30 min. from a place so beautiful! I only have to go in my backyard to reach snow (yay Canada) but it certainly isn’t as beautiful as that! Looks like a wonderful day. Pink is my favourite colour so those boots are divine!

Pauline- we will see about the too much pink…I think it just may" be possible to have too much!
Amanda- It’s a weakness…I can’t control myself. The shoes…they call to me!
Ben- Black Lab/Rottweiler mix. So he is broad, strong, and has the wrong ears!!! But he is all lovey like a lab.
Joy- We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Lots of places to see snow in the winter, lots of rivers & swimming holes in the summer. The Sierra Nevada’s have much to offer those who enjoy the outdoors

Love the reflection in the lake. Beautiful scene. Glad you could get out & enjoy the day!!

Thanks Brian. We got some really good shots of the lake and reflection yesterday. Will prob blow one up to display at home.

Stacey! How dare you imply a hidden intent in my picture taking!
Although I will admit that I did make Josh retake an entirely different picture cause my doggy was sitting in front of my boots. :slight_smile: At least they aren’t heels!

What a beautiful spot to go out and play. Looks like a post card.

Laughing my butt off lady…lovin the boots

Very cute outfit! I don’t know about the pink snow pants though; we don’t want you looking like a giant bottle of Peptobismol! LOL

I just just finished looking at the rest of the pictures. What a beautiful place! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Pepto!!! ha ha ha! Thanks Connie! That is a much better visualization than the “giant pink marshmallow” I was thinking. Now I’m totally picturing a pepto botttle with my head coming out the top. Geez…there really IS such thing as too much pink. That’s it! The pink snow pants are OUT!

Its Beautiful thereWOW I wish i were there to keep my mind off.

Shalon, glad you are feeling better, I had you in my prayers! I did get some news on treatments, they plan to start in a couple of weeks (penidng insurance approval, etc). My lead team consists of the deparment of Interventional Radiology, my doctors name is Dr Johnson. he has a great reputation in this region and Ginny and I feel comfortable with him. He offered right up front to send me to see Dr Yakes but I told him I would stick with him. he responded by saying if he got to a point where he felt he I needed to be referred then he wpuld send me to Dr Yakes; apparently he consults with him on occasion. He told Ginny and I that I have a high flow AVM and a low flow vascular malformation and he suspects I have vascular problems complicating the problems I am having in my cervial spine as he said the vertrbral arteries are dilated. What we learned from the angiogram is that my AVM is pretty extensive (I had already realized just by looking at changes inside my mouth, throat, front lip, chin, jaw and right ear). The physical changes but particularly the increased pain, discomfort and pressure indicated to me it had grown. I knew it was being fed by the right external carotid artery (ECA) but apparently has recruited the left ECA. I aslo learned it has grown contributing branches originating from the left lingual artery, right vertibral artery, and slightly from the left internal carotid artery. It stated that the right lingual artery is extremely dilated along with a couple of arteries in the right side of my face (particularly the around near the chin area and one in the back in vicinity of my right ear). Around the right vertibral artery it describes a dilated muscular branch extending into the retropharyngeal region supplying the postanterior aspect of the AVM ( I think this is the area in rear of my mouth). It also talks about several bilateral communicating arteries which were to numerous to count. I just know somethings not right. Dr Johnson said what one thing they find disconcerting is they can’t find the nidus but know that the AVM is feeding something and that it must be there somewhere. The plan is to embolizing the problematic vessels and continue to study the AVM. I don’t fully understand the vascular malformation but he said that they are notorious for causing pain which I have alot of even on all the pain medication I currently take. Probably the best news is he is attempting to consolidate all of my medical treatment at this one hospital (KU Medical center) as he feels that any doctor working on me should be consulting with them. He is even hopeful once they know more about the vascularity around my spine that the surgeons might be able to fuse my vertebra from the back. So, I will undergo my first embo in the coming weeks and hope I can be a brave as you and others! I didn’t get those shoes, tried them on and nearly fell over. I have been having some balance problems and those shoe require alot of good balance so they didn’t work well although Ginny had a good laugh! Again so glad you are feeling better. v/r Steve